MEXICO BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Mexico Beach is no stranger to rebuilding, and finally their hard work has paid off.

The main highway running along the front of Mexico Beach is back open today for the first time since the storm decimated the area. 

For months after Hurricane Michael destroyed much of HWY 98, residents in Mexico Beach were forced to take a right turn as a detour route, but now Highway 98 is officially back open to the public.

Mayor Al Cathey said this opening will help traffic flow in the area tremendously.

“There’s still a little bit of work left to be done, but we’re, I guess you could say, getting back to normal by having our road opened,” said Cathey.

This road means something special to the residents of this area.

“Think about it, an unobstructed view of the Gulf, the beach is nice and clean, the roadways in good shape. That’s one of the really unique parts of Mexico Beach, is to be able to drive through our own with an unobstructed view for a mile and a quarter. You don’t find that many places,” said Cathey.

Local businesses that have lost customers due to the road closing hope that the reopening will be a boost for the Mexico Beach economy.

“Just that we’re here. Remember us. We’re open for business,” said Cathey.