BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay County Commissioner approved the funding agreement to realign Star Avenue and Highway 231 with Titus Road.

Officials said the intersection of Highway 231 with Star Avenue and John Pitts Road experiences heavy congestion and has a high crash rate.

Bay County and Panama City will both contribute $2 million to the project.

The Department of Transportation will cover the remaining $12 million.

“Aligning that intersection is going to make a huge improvement for the traffic and safety,” said Bay County Commissioner, Robert Carroll. “We need to do something to make it better up there but we’re fortunate DOT came to the table we’re putting up $2 million at about a $15 million cost so that’s quite the deal.”

Bay County’s $2 million will come from the gas surtax. Officials said they hope to bid the project in 2024. It will take about two years to complete.