PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — One group decided to bring a little bit of the Kentucky Derby to Panama City by hosting a themed fundraiser.

The first-annual event was hosted by VBA Design and helped donate to Club 360, an organization that helps the empowerment and education of women in the community.

Celebrate the Kentucky Derby locally with “Hats and Horses”

People of all ages attended the event, and many donned large, decorated hats, just like the ones fans often wear to the actual Kentucky Derby.

VBS Design President Victoria Williams said the event sold out, and they expected around 130 guests to attend.

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“Since COVID hit, nobody could really do anything indoors, and we felt like we wanted to have a fundraiser, and we wanted to make an impact in the community,” Williams said. “People need some fun right now, and it’s an outdoor event; the weather held out for us.”

Williams said they plan to hold an even bigger fundraising event next year.

“We’re so glad,” Williams said. “It’s just a really lighthearted, fun get-together, ‘let’s celebrate life’ event.”