Hands-on design session helps gather public input for Panama City’s long term recovery planning


PANAMA CITY, Fla. ― Panama City continued their efforts in gathering public input to better prepare a post-hurricane recovery plan.

As part of a hands-on design session held by Panama City at The First Baptist Church, residents were split into groups and took part in activities that would collect their ideas on what they thought the best course of action would be in rebuilding downtown and its waterfront after the storm.

Panama City officials highlighted the impact the planning will have on the future of the city.

“I would say 99% of what the people want in some way shape or form, it may not be exactly what you want, but you will see pieces of what you wanted into this plan. We’re certainly not doing it just to put on a pretty face and spin our wheels, it’s because we really believe in the people of Panama City. We really do,” said Jenna Haligas, Panama City Ward 1 commissioner.

The day marked the beginning of the city’s charrette week which will conclude June 22. 

For a full list of the recovery planning events until then click here or here

More information regarding Panama City long term recovery planning can also be found here.

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