PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — One of the biggest country music festivals will be back in the Panhandle this summer, but if you haven’t secured your tickets it may be too late.

“We thought we were in heaven last year, but now we find out there’s a whole ‘nother level of heaven,” Gulf Coast Jam Executive Producer Rendy Lovelady said.

In just six months, Gulf Coast Jam has officially sold out.

“We’ve been doing this repeatedly through hurricanes, through COVID, through everything and the word sold out has never even been in our vocabulary just because we’re just growing and growing and growing,” Lovelady said. “We finally put together this big mega package and all of a sudden we’re sold out six months in advance.”

Lovelady said Gulf Coast Jam grows every year, with more people and bigger artists.

During last summer’s event, 74,000 people attended the music festival.

One of the biggest names in country music will headline the event this year, Morgan Wallen.

“Once you get to a place where the country world sees you at the level that you’re playing at, it’s pretty humbling because I don’t call them, now they call me. All of a sudden we have the word sold out in front of us and all of a sudden I’m getting phone calls from some big, big managers. So it’s really exciting,” Lovelady said.

Miranda Lambert, Kane Brown, and Hardy are among the other big names performing this summer.

“I can see through the walks that we’ve been through for the last 11 years and see not only the financial successes, but the failures because of having to close for COVID, having to restructure whatever it might be, but the bottom line is when you start selling to all 50 states and you start selling to 13, 14 countries around the world, you see that all these people are coming to our most beautiful beaches. And that’s a blessing not only financially, but just making awareness of Panama City Beach,” Lovelady said. “We love the fact that now we are literally in the top five events in the country and we are growing and we are blessed.”

Lovelady also said that SandJam 2023 is also in the works.

Gulf Coast Jam will be back at Frank Brown Park on June 1-4.