As the rebuilding continues around the panhandle, we are slowly getting back to a re-semblance of what things looked like before Hurricane Michael.

And that means keeping an eye on local businesses as they re-open.

In this weeks Open For Biz, sponsored by GED Lawyers, News 13’s Chris Marchand focuses on Gulf Coast Air Conditioning.

Needless to say immediately after the storm air conditioning was a hot commodity.

Gulf Coast Air Conditioning in Southport bounced back pretty quick after Hurricane Michael as they knew their services were in great need.

Owner Drew Pollard, said he gave his staff a couple days off after the storm to get their families situated, but ever since they have been going non stop trying to help the community get back to where it was before the storm.

Pollard said, the community has been overwhelming in their support and they have appreciated his honesty as several out of town contractors used Michael as a reason to rip people off.

He said, “the support from the community has been just amazing actually we have been really really busy a lot of people putting our house back together just trying to help everybody out and be fair a lot of people came from out of town lotta price gouging and i have lived here my whole life and never dreamed i would see anything like this and seeing people getting taken advantage of it’s just very unfortunate”.

You can call 832-0690 for more information.

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