Gulf Co. Approves Dewberry for Eastern Shipbuilding Dry Dock Project


Gulf County Commissioners approve a multi-million dollar bid that’s expected to bring an economic boom to the area.

The board selected Dewberry as the engineering firm to oversee a floating dry dock that will complete the construction of U.S Coast Guard Cutters from Eastern Shipbuilding in Allanton.

The more than $15 million dock project is slated to be at the county’s old paper mill.

“This project will be a great,great boom for Gulf County,” said Gulf Co. Commissioner, Ward McDaniel.

However, the vote didn’t come without opposition from another New Orleans-based bidder. On Tuesday Technology Associates Chief Engineer, Miles Thomas, protested the board’s choice made back on January 23rd. 

The county picked a company for the dock’s design, but they needed another contract for oversight.

“If I’m to review the work of an engineer, I must have required relevant experience in order to perform, design, review – which we state Dewberry does not, and we do,” said Thomas.

Commissioner McDaniel motioned for the board to consider the County Administrators advice because of Dewberry’s accessibility.

McDaniel believes dewberry is competent for the job. “Selecting a firm that’s 300 miles away, it may be a week before they could get over here on this job site,” he said.

Commissioners still have a couple of permits that need to be approved. McDaniel expects that to happen in the near future.

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