Guests and Buddies Dance the Night Away at "Night to Shine" Prom Experience

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - It was all about the glitz and the glam Friday night in Panama City Beach. It was the Tim Tebow Foundation's annual "Night to Shine" prom experience at the Boardwalk Beach Resort.

Guests were dressed to impress as they walked a red carpet into the venue. They were greeted by paparazzi and were paired off with volunteer buddies for the evening. This year's theme was "All Around the World," with activity stations laid out by country. There was food, music and dancing. If guests needed a break they could also head to a quiet room. For many, it was a prom experience long overdue.

"I've gotten many phone calls from parents saying my daughter is 40-years-old and has never gone to a dance, you know, my son is 60 and has never been able to hangout with others that aren't going to judge him, and this is a wonderful event and these guys love it," said event coordinator Kim Cicero. 

The community donated about 150 gowns and suits for people who needed something special to wear. 
This was the third year the Messiah Lutheran Church held the event. 

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