Once again, a local animal shelter was asked to step in and save the day. But, the community will have to pull together for the rescue effort to succeed. 

A heartbreaking story could soon have a happy ending for nearly 80 Great Pyrenees puppies. As Alaqua Animal Refuge will soon rescue the dogs as the owners dying wish. 

“We were first made aware of this situation about 9 months ago, there was a lady who was wheelchair bound. She was living in a house with 80 of these dogs, 80 full size Great Pyrenees, like the full size one we have right here,” said Laurie Hood, founder of Alaqua Animal Refuge. 

At that time, officials decided the dogs would be allowed to remain with the owner since she was providing the animals with food and water. 

“So, she was providing them with minimum care, but, she was so in over her head,” Hood explained. 

Four days ago, hood was notified the woman had passed away but, as her final wish, she asked that Alaqua take ownership of all of her pets. 

“We kind of went into crisis mode, as you can imagine. We reached out to some of our national partners and they have rescue partners that they have completely vetted out. They are approved rescue groups. They put the word out for us and we have started collecting people who are willing to help.” 

While Alaqua Animal Refuge is thankful for custody, they know they have a large task ahead to rescue and take in 80 large animals, who have been living in horrible conditions.

“They likely all have heart worms. So, we will have to put them through heart worm treatment, which is very expensive and timely. It’s just a huge task we have ahead of us,” said Hood. 

Alaqua Refuge has contacted, and is now partnering with, other rescues from all across the country. 

“They’re sending transports, they are sending planes. So, we have a mass operation ahead of us and we are getting those dogs to where they will be cared for, for the rest of their life,” explained Hood. 

On Monday, Alaqua Animal Refuge team and volunteers will make their mission to rescue the remaining 80 Pyrenees puppies and dogs. 

Alaqua Animal is now taking adoption applications for the Great Pyrenees rescues. If you cannot open your home to another pet, you can also support the cause by donating or volunteering. Visit http://www.alaqua.org