Grand Slam World Series of Baseball Tournament Brings Thousands of Visitors to Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - The Grand Slam World Series of Baseball event not only brings a great level of competition to Panama City Beach, but also thousands of visitors.
"We fill up all the hotels and condos, people blame us for the bad traffic but that's okay because that means business is good," said Larry Thompson Jr.,  Owner of Grand Slam Sports Tournaments. 

Over one hundred teams are participating in the event, and along with the athletes comes family members, friends, and fans. 


"The economic impact is tremendous from the restaurants, to the hotels, to the condos, to pier park,the vendors, everyone it's a multimillion dollar a year economic impact our events bring," said Thompson. 


Many attendees come for the competition and stay a little longer for the sun. 

"We have our plans to stay for the games and after the games are over we will have a full week of vacation," said John Wilson, attendee. 


The event not only brings people into town for a week, but has many wanting to come back. 


"They come here and they have a good time playing baseball and enjoying our community then they'll come back for weddings, family reunions, family vacations, all through the next few years so the residual is really big too," said Thompson. 


Teams from more than ten different states entered in the tournament.
many driving several hours hoping it will result in some wins and a good experience. 

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