The Bay County Historical Society continued their ‘Adventures in History’ series Monday night with a celebration of the last 140 years of the historical vessel, ‘Governor Stone.’

Governor Stone is the last Gulf Bay Schooner that sails today, and she is docked in Saint Andrews.

Members of the public were invited to come learn about Governor Stone, from when she was constructed in 1877, to when she came to the Saint Andrew Bay in 2013 from a group called “The Friends of Governor Stone”. 

Kay Cherry, the President of the Friends of Governor Stone said the group is also hosting a birthday celebration for Governor Stone on Sunday, October 22 on Bayview Avenue.

“This is just a chance for people to go back in time and learn about the history of the vessel and how she ended up here and what affects she had on the development on the Northern Gulf Coast — her, and other vessels like her,” she said.

The public is also invited to get an upclose look for yourself at the Bay County History Museum on Harrison Ave.

The museum has many artifacts and historical information about the 140 year history of Governor Stone.