Governor Ron DeSantis directs Secretary of State to evaluate cyber security of Florida elections


BAY COUNTY, Fla. – With the recent news of Russian hacking in local elections Governor Ron DeSantis directed Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee to evaluate cyber security of the election systems around Florida.

Since 2017, when elections were designated as critical infrastructure, the Florida Department of State and Supervisors of Elections have invested millions of dollars into election security. 

In 2018, $14.5 million in federal election security grants were distributed to Supervisors of Elections, however it seems more work is still needed in securing the system.

To accomplish that, the Bay County Supervisor of Elections said it needs to be a statewide team effort.

“We all touch the state side of the fence so Bay County may be just perfect on everything that we do but yet we’ve got files going back and forth up to the state. So it’s going to be team effort through the state of Florida, that’s what has got to happen and I believe that’s what the governor wants to occur,” said Mark Andersen, Bay County Supervisor of Elections.

The Florida Department of State have provided Supervisors of Elections with $1.9 million in state funding to purchase and install ALBERT network monitoring sensors which detect cyber threats.

Florida has more ALBERT sensors than any other state.

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