Governor-elect Ron DeSantis Tours Hurricane Recovery Efforts


Nearly two months after Hurricane Michael, hundreds in the Panhandle are still recovering. Governor-elect Ron DeSantis made a visit to Bay County Friday to assess the damage and ongoing recovery efforts. This was his first visit to the area since winning the election. 
“It was a costly storm, it was a very devastating storm,” sad DeSantis. 
The hurricane has left hundreds in hard hit areas still in need nearly two months later. DeSantis said the area was a topic of discussion during his recent visit to Washington.

“I spoke with the president about the Panhandle, it’s something he cares about, spoke with Brock long, the head of FEMA, and he understands the need for housing and I think that’s probably the number one thing people on the ground here have said you know they need those trailers they need the housing,” said DeSantis. 
The lack of housing leaving a lot of people with no choice but to head out of town.  

“Housing is our number one need, because without housing people don’t have anywhere to stay, they may have a job, but without a house or a place to lay down at night it makes it difficult,” Robert Carroll, County Commissioner. 
Local officials said 1,400 FEMA trailers will be in the area by the end of February.
Commissioner Carroll said creating more long term housing options is going to take some time. 
“We’ll start rebuilding, we’ve already got developers that are looking to create more housing, whether it’s single family, multi-family, we will over come it, it’s just going to take some time unfortunately,” said Carroll. 
Those in the panhandle will continue moving forward. 

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