Gov. Rick Scott Stops in Panhandle to Discuss $500 Million Investment for School Safety

Walton County, Fla. - Governor Rick Scott is proposing a multi-million dollar investment, that he says will secure schools and address mental health issues.

During an appearance in Walton County, Governor Scott highlighted his plan of action. News 13's Peyton LoCicero has more about the Governor's proposal. 

"I am going to do everything to make sure that our children feel safe. No parent should be concerned about their child going to school in this state," said Gov. Rick Scott (R)-Florida.

Governor Scott is traveling the state, talking to parents, students, educators and law enforcement, about his $500 million dollar initiative for school safety and to address mental health issues.

"The money will be spent primarily in three areas. More law enforcement. A significant law enforcement in a lot of our schools, mental health counselors at our schools, hardening in all of our schools," explained Gov. Scott.

Around $450 million will be used to keep students safe by adding bullet proof windows, steel doors and metal detectors. The remaining $50 million will be used to expand mental health service teams.

"In my plan, what we are doing is putting metal health counselors in all of our schools. We are going to do enough presence, so that every child will have access to a mental health counselor," shared Gov. Scott. 

Governor Scott said, Floridians should not focus on banning specific weapons but, rather work together to ban specific people from access or ownership. Most agree mental health issues need to be addressed in tandem with gun regulations.

"If you look at the history of the people, who are doing things like this, people know it. They post things online, people know. So, let's focus on the individuals that we know could potentially cause a problem, that's who we should be focusing on; not the you know, normal law abiding citizens," said Gov. Scott.

"They (parents) should know that if they send their child to a school, that they are going to come back safely. And that is what I am going to work on everyday to make this happen," shared Gov. Scott.

Governor Rick Scott says his goal is to make these changes as early as next Friday.

Nearing the end of his time in office, Governor Scott says, these changes will be made before his term is over at the end of 2018.

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