A new program at Girls Inc. in Panama City is teaching elementary school girls a very useful skill.  
With technology improving ever single day, these girls are trying their hand at writing code. These 4th, 5th and 6th graders are getting a jump start on their future careers. 
This computer lab at Girls Inc. is now a dojo, but it’s not a typical dojo, it’s a called a CoderDojo. CoderDojo is a part of a global movement that provides children with the tools they need to write code and develop programs.
“The builder of the next century is going to be in software. Look at the Facebooks and the Googles of the world, those are some of the top revenue, most valued companies in the world and they started with a few people that were coding in their basement,” said President of BaseIT, Randall Garner. 

Wednesday night was the launch of the year long CoderDojo program here in Bay County. Students were eager to learn.
“This is going to be one of m best things in technology that I’m going to do,” said 5th Grader, Sam’ya Buckler. 

The free class, teaching skills the girls will use throughout their lives. “If girls can learn that early on, they’ll be really excited about it and more likely to study it in middle school, high school and then on to college,” said Girls Inc. Exec. Director, Niki Kelly. 
Through the program, the girls will learn a variety of coding languages and techniques. CoderDojo works exactly like a karate dojo. With every accomplishment the girls make, they’re awarded a new “belt” or band. Starting with the white, and then completing the program with the black. 

Students say they’re excited to learn how games really work behind the scenes. 
“It’s nice to know how the work because you get to play the games and use the systems but you don’t understand how it really works behind all that,” said 6th Grader, Ella Daube. 

The program is looking for volunteers to help run it. You don’t have to be a coding expert you just have to know the basics. For more information on how to volunteer you can call Girls Inc. at (850) 769-6703.