The Parker man who confessed to killing his own baby and burying the body learned his fate today.

Gene Anthony Quinones-Rivera, 27, withdrew his previous plea of not guilty and pleaded no contest to second degree murder. 

“Well, Mr. Rivera came into the courts today and pled guilty to the second degree murder for the homicide of his child,” said Lieutenant Aaron Wilson of Parker Police Department.

In December, Quinones-Rivera walked into the Parker Police Department and confessed to stuffing a sock in his baby’s mouth and killing the two-month-old in 2015. He and his wife, 25-year-old, Yanoshua Ramos Melendez, then buried the body in Eastern Bay County. 

“He was crying and I put in his mouth socks and then I wrap around with two blankets. And then I go to sleep. And when I wake up, he was (dead),” Gene Quinones-Rivera described.

Quinones-Rivera was emotional in court as Judge Michael Overstreet sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility for parole. Rivera will also be sent to a correctional facility in South Florida to be closer to his family. 

“That’s all that he could have gotten, so we are happy with the state attorney’s office. And letting him plead and being sentenced to life,” explain Lt. Wilson.

Officials feel confident in his sentencing and feel that it was proper for Rivera to get life in prison. Quinones-Rivera doesn’t believe his child’s mother did anything wrong.

“She don’t do anything to kill the baby,” cried Quinones-Rivera.

“We’re just waiting on the court process for his co-defendant in the case,” said Lt. Wilson.

Quinones-Rivera is currently in the Bay County Jail and is due in court tomorrow.  As far as the child’s mother, Yanoshua Ramos Melendez, she is set to be arraigned tomorrow.