GCSC and FSU Panama City team up to teach kids about STEM


PANAMA CITY, Fla. – The fun at Gulf Coast State College continued on Saturday with their annual STEM open house. 

The event was open to the public and free for all, featuring hands-on STEM exhibits for kids of all ages. 

It goes hand and hand with the invention convention that took place earlier in the morning between Gulf Coast and FSU Panama City. 

Organizers encourage parents to show their kids the world of STEM at a young age. 

“It’s important for our students and even young adults to get excited about STEM because most industries are moving towards the STEM fields and we want to get them hooked at a very young age about all the different things that they can do and what’s the importance of their math and science classes that they’re taking in their K-12 education,” said GCSC STEM Administrator,Katie McCurdy. 

The next stem event is their girl’s engineering class that will be taking place at the school on Thursday. 

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