PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A line of cars stretched into Highway 77 Thursday morning as consumers rushed to get gas for $2.38 a gallon; more than a dollar less than the current Florida average.

“It’s amazing for us because we have three vehicles and were at about $250 by the time we fill up a Ford F-250, a suburban, and then the Subaru here so yeah it’s a huge difference to come and pay $2.38 a gallon,” resident Kathie Taylor said.

$2.38 was the national average price of gas per gallon when President Biden took office.

“What we’re trying to do is we are trying to say as the President and Democrats in Congress continue to restrict our access to energy, it’s making things less affordable and increasing inflation,” state director for “Americans for Prosperity” Skylar Zander said.

“I’m retired military and my retirement don’t go up like inflation,” resident Joel Barlow said. “Everybody thinks we got all the money but we don’t and every little dime helps.”

Conservative political action committee “Americans for Prosperity” partnered with the Pure gas station off Highway 77 for their “The True Cost of Washington: Pay More Get Less” event.

“People are really struggling right now and for us to be able to provide them some relief but also raise the concerns as to why they need this relief is why we are here today,” Zander said.

Even political figures showed up for the event.

“This is a fun way to point out that there’s a price to pay when you declare war on fossil fuels and that is they get more expensive,” U.S. Representative Neal Dunn (R) said.

The nationwide event is making twelve stops in Florida, Panama City being the sixth so far.