Funding Request for Haney Improvements Awaiting Approval

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Haney Technical Center's funding request for two programs have made it to Governor Rick Scott's desk.

The final approval comes after two Panama City representatives pushed it forward during the legislative session.

The request is now in Governor Scott's hands, but it didn't arrive there easily.

"We couldn't have done this on our own," Alex Murphy, chief of communications for Haney, said.

Haney said Senator George Gainer, Rep. Jay Trumbull, and business partners all rallied in support of the request. 

"We had letters of support from employers that would actually be hiring that would be trained in this area," Murphy said.

The school is requesting $500,000 each for two projects.

The first project would work on expanding the automotive service program.

A teacher said modernizing the equipment will better prepare students for jobs after graduation.

"The layout op the shop right now is functional, but obviously if we can more closely mimic what they're going to walk into, it's going to be an easier transition to workplace for them," Joe Nelson, an automotives instructor, said.

He said the program started in the seventies, and the training and equipment hasn't been updated much since.

"Everything from lighting to doors, it all needs some attention. Instead of just piece building everything together, we can have complete sets of tools and stuff like that," Nelson said.

The other $500,000 funding would create a new industrial pipe fitter program to compliment the welding program.

“[There’s an] increase of manufacturing in our area, and now with the eastern shipbuilding contract, it's going to be a more needed are of training."

Haney Technical representatives urge anyone interested to send letters of support to the governors office, before he makes a final decision.

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