Friends and Family Celebrate the Life of a Loved One on 9/11

Friends and Family Celebrate the Life of a Loved One on 9/11

GRACEVILLE, Fla. - Three weeks ago, a Marianna woman, Leilani Valle, was murdered at her home.

Valle was born on September eleventh, 29 years ago.

Though it's just been three weeks since her death, family and friends decided to throw her a birthday party.

Valle worked part time at Signature Health Care in Graceville.

Tuesday her fellow employees, along with friends and family met to celebrate her birthday over lunch and cake.

Valle's mother said she doesn't want anyone to mourn the loss of her daughter, rather, celebrate the years they got to spend with her.

"She was my heavenly flower and I want to remember that and I'm just so thankful to God for the 28 years, eleven months that he gave me with her and that's all I want to do is celebrate,"  said Cassonya Valle, Leilani's mother. "So we're doing that today. She worked here at signature and we're doing that today, just celebrating her life and she was a beautiful person, and we just want to remember that." 

Valle said through her daughters passing, she has learned just how many lives Leilani touched.

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