PANAMA CITY, Fla. —– A new program costing over 12 million dollars could have a big impact in parents wallets and student stomachs next school years.

Bay District Schools getting approval and financial help to provide breakfast and lunch for all of their students .

Exciting news coming out of the Bay District Schools today, they were approved to participate in the community eligibility provision, now this will provide breakfast and lunch for all students all school year at no charge.

The board has approved the district’s application, and now there will be 31 different schools participating in this free meal program however, Bay County’s charter schools are not a part of the program.

Deputy Superintendent of Schools, Sandra Davis said as a result of the storm, this will be funded by the federal government.

Due to Hurricane Michael and the impact it had on our community, we’ve been able to qualify for it, said Davis.

Feeding over 19,000 students, Deputy Davis says this will help parents out tremendously.

That’s one less worry for them. And knowing also that their children will be eating during the day. That they’ll have free breakfast, free lunch and even a free snack in the afternoon if they’re involved in an after school activity. said Davis.

The district believes this will improve academic success and boost the attendance of their students.

This also means that parents will not have to fill out the free and reduced application for free meal service for this next year. This program is part of the county’s recovery efforts.

Now this program will begin in August for the 2020 school year.