Sheriff’s office continues efforts to get drug dealers off the street

Franklin County

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — On Tuesday, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office set out to arrest 13 individuals who have a history of selling methamphetamine.

‘Operation Dry Ice’ involved a group of deputies, visiting multiple known drug houses in the area and taking in the dealers who live inside them.

The office secured search warrants before heading out, and once they got their suspect, searched for evidence.

Sheriff A.J. Smith says even if you’re not a dealer or user, being inside one of these homes puts you at risk.

“Know that we’re going to be continuing to work it very hard and if we find you in a meth house, we’re going to arrest you,” Smith said.

He says the goal is to get the ones who sell out of the picture and that hopefully seeing how those individuals end up, will prevent others from going down the wrong path.

“Look at the lifestyle these people are leading. I’m hoping that maybe people that are involved in this will say ‘hey, I don’t want to live like that, I want my life to be better,” Smith said.

Even getting the city cleaned up, Smith says, could help the end the epidemic.

“If we could get rid of some of these old dilapidated buildings, then we can help eliminate our drug problem too because it doesn’t give them a place to hide to do their drugs and stuff like that so it’s one of the reasons we have to work together to get a lot of this stuff cleaned up,” Smith said.

Smith and his team arrested all on their list except four but also picked up a few unexpectedly who had warrants. He says though, they are not slowing down.

“Let it be a warning to you that we’re going to continue to work these cases. We’re going to continue to catch the people that are selling meth and possessing meth and hopefully, maybe people will decide that they want different for their life and they want better for their life,” Smith said.

The sheriff’s office is currently working to open a rehabilitation center in the county to get those who want it, help in kicking their addictions.

More information on those who were arrested and their charges will be released at a later time.

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