Man charged with misdemeanor for feeding wildlife

Franklin County

A man has been arrested in Franklin county and charged with a misdemeanor for feeding wildlife.

This comes from a new development in a case where deputies shot and killed a bear after it entered a 95-year-old woman’s house last week.

The man arrested is the woman’s son.

Deputies believe Jim Saunderson purposely led the bear to their home by leaving trails of corn.

Franklin County Sheriff AJ Smith says if you feed a bear they will come to wherever you are, so just don’t feed them to keep yourself and the animals safe.

“Some people were down here talking and saying a fed bear is a dead bear,” said Smith. “We don’t want to see that happen. We certainly don’t want to see people injured so don’t feed these wild animals.” 

This is not an isolated incident. Investigators say this was the second time authorities have been called to the home because Saunderson was charged with feeding a bear in 2017.

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