Franklin County Fire Clean Up Completed and Relief Trailers on the Way

EASTPOINT, Fla. - Governor Rick Scott announced Tuesday Eastpoint was set to receiving twenty four relief trailers. They are much needed after the Franklin County fire left many without a home a little over two weeks ago. 

Clean up equipment made its way out of the Eastpoint area removing trash and debris and making room for a new beginning. 

"Just a world of difference i mean you just see mass destruction when you got down there all the debris, the burnt cars and stuff," said Mike Hunter, City of Tallahassee Operator. 

Hunter said crews worked around 16 Monday and another 14 on Tuesday. 

"When we first got here it looked like a bomb had went off, an atom bomb, just placed destroyed," said Hunter. 

Governor Rick Scott announced Tuesday night that the area is set to receive twenty four relief trailers. They were purchased from the federal general services administration and will make their way from Homestead to Eastpoint. 

"They just gotta hurry up and get them in here so somebody will have a place to stay, some of them staying in their vehicle and if they do have a vehicle, some staying in tents," said Terri Woodall, Eastpoint Resident. 

For Terri Woodall, the news that a place to call home for her cousin and granddaughter is on its way, gives her hope. 

"I'll just be glad when it does get in here for them," said Woodall. 

He granddaughter says there's one thing she's looking forward to most once she has a place to stay. 

"Being able to get everything back to normal and just have an ordinary life again," said Shaylen Langley, Eastpoint resident. 

Officials said twenty four relief trailers were bought by Franklin County. The Division of Emergency management helped coordinate the purchase and is helping bring them to the area. A moment those who lost everything are looking forward to. 


"Oh it's going to be great going to come down here and walk on in instead of being out here in the heat," said Woodall.  


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