Four Earthquakes in a Week Reported Near Florida-Alabama Line


If you live near the Florida-Alabama line you may have felt the tremor of four small earthquakes over the past few weeks. Though small, the quakes were enough to rattle some residents.

The quake’s magnitude registered between 2.2 and 3.1.

“So that’s a relatively minor earthquake, you are going to be shaken for a few seconds but we don’t anticipate any damage associated with that,” said United States Geological Survey Research GeoPhysicist Justin Rubinstein. 

Rubinstein said while it’s rare for the area to experience earthquakes it’s not unprecedented. 

“This area is not on a tectonic plate boundary but we still do get earthquakes in the middle of a plate and that’s due to redistribution of stresses in the area,” said Rubinstein. 

Although no reports of damage, some wonder if the series of earthquakes is leading up to a bigger one. 

“Certainly when you have clusters of earthquakes the probability of there being a larger one is increased but I wouldn’t say it’s a high probability,” said Rubinstein.

He said the USGS is watching the region closely and will put additional seismic monitoring instruments in the area to better understand the cause. If you felt the quake you can help and fill out the USGS’s Did You Feel it Form?” on their website by clicking here.

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