Fountain explosion leaves 18 dogs with burn injuries


PANAMA CITY, Fla. — Nearly 20 dogs were found with wounds from the explosion at the Fountain home from this weekend, luckily those canines are in great hands.

It all started with a gas fire-that not only injured several family members but their many pets as well

“There’s 9 in our care, said the owner of Heartland Rescue Ranch,  Amy Shepherd.

18 dogs total recovered from the home with more than half having significant burns. While these animals are recovering, different places have stepped up to ensure the care of these dogs.

“There are 3 currently being taken care of by the veterinarian and there are 6 in foster care, said Shepherd.

These dogs range anywhere from 6 weeks to around 12 years old all with a wide variety of health issues.

“We have some that who have singed ears, the pads on their feet have been singed, or completely burned off, so we’ve got a wide array of injuries, said Shepherd.

Bay View Veterinary Hospital is where three of the animals from the fountain explosion are being treated for their burn injuries. These animals should make a full recovery and be available for adoption in just a few short weeks.

The veterinarian does also plan to spay and neuter all of these animals as well as vaccinate them before they are put up for adoption.

In addition, the family’s high school daughter, Jamie has a birthday coming up on Monday. Since her family hasn’t been able to fly up and visit her at the hospital in Boston, Heartland Rescue Ranch is asking the public to make cards that they will personally send to Jamie and the family.

Residents are able to drop off those cards at Heartland Rescue Ranch located at 1435 Skunk Valley Rd, Southport, FL 32409.

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