Former Springfield Officer charged with an additional felony


BAY COUNTY Fla. — A former Springfield police officer charged with official misconduct, is now also being charged with an additional felony.

Following the controversial arrest of a Springfield man on May 29, now former police officer Ronnie Nelson is charged with abuse of a disabled adult as well as official misconduct.

Both charges are a result of Solomon Smith, also known as Sunny D, who was walking home late at night in his neighborhood. Smith was stopped and arrested by officer Nelson.

Two other police officers had been called in for backup.

Event organizer Robert Stewart and others say they held firm to get the battery misdemeanor charge increased to a felony. 

While outside of Glen Hess’s office Monday, Stewart believes justice has been served.

“The charges have been applied that were actually quoted by Mr. Bosick in the meeting with Mr. Hess,” Stewart said. “We are very thankful for that, we feel like the system worked. We did things the right way. And we did it peacefully. And we feel like the system worked. So, it is just a small step but it is a monumental step.”

Nelson is scheduled to appear back in court on July 13th.

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