A former prosecutor was arrested for the fourth time on DUI charges. 

Richard Albritton III, was arrested by Lynn Haven Police earlier this week and appeared before a judge Thursday afternoon. 

Circuit Judge Michael Overstreet ordered Albritton to sign up for a pre-trial release program. Under the terms of the program, there will be zero tolerance for alcohol consumption. 

Albritton has never been convicted of DUI but he has been convicted of lesser charges stemming from DUI arrests. 

However, according to court records in New York City Albritton is also currently facing a felony charge for “criminal possession of a firearm.” 

In 2015 his license to practice law was suspended for 60 days by the Florida Bar. 

That suspension came from a 2012 arrest for driving under the influence, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. According to documents obtained from the Bar Albritton accepted a new driver’s license even though he knew his license had been suspended. Albritton also signed a statement saying that his driving privileges had not been revoked.