You might remember a few months ago, the well-known band, Florida Georgia Line donated $50,000 to a disabled mother to buy the hi-tech wheelchair, that she needed to take care of her children. Now, part of the band is making an economic impact by opening a new business in the area.

World known musician, Brian Kelley from Florida Georgia Line and his wife, Brittney Kelley have decided to put down roots and go on a new business adventure right in Grayton Beach.

“We decided to open a Tribe Kelley Surf Post here in Grayton for a lot of reasons. But, it’s personal to us, we fell in love right on the lake, Western Lake in 2013,” shared Brian Kelley, co-owner of Tribe Kelley Surf Post.

The idea behind opening a second location of Tribe Kelley Surf Post was to bring something new and fresh to South Walton. Their other location is in the heart of Nashville.

“From our clothing that’s all made in the United States to the vintage that we source all over the world and also our wellness that’s just now coming out, it’s something fresh and different for this area,” explained Brittney Kelley, co-owner of Tribe Kelley Surf Post.

Their wellness line can only be found on their shelves and it’s all natural made with organic ingredients. 

“It all comes down to creating for us. At the end of the day, we are creators and we try to live our lives and everything that we do intentionally and artistically,” said Kelley.

Kelley told us, initially, he came to this area to relax and recharge but, something drawing him back.

Kelley isn’t that only celebrity to make an economic impact to the area. Emeril Lagasse recently opened, Emeril’s Coastal Italian restaurant in Grand Boulevard. And, Luke Bryan is an owner of Shore Thing Cigars at The Hub.

“…there is something about this area. We can’t stop creating and people feel that same thing,” he said about 30A.

For several months, the Kelleys worked to preserve a historic home in Grayton Beach, keeping all of the old bone structures but, mixing in some new style.

“It’s not just a shopping experience, it’s a lifestyle brand and we want you to feel good when you come in and feel even better when you leave and yeah, so take a little piece of us with you whenever you go,” Brittney and Brian Kelley, described about the Tribe Kelley Surf Post experience.

The surf shop is now open right across from the Red Bar.