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Five fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while you’re stuck at home

St. Patrick's Day

Stuck at home this St. Patty’s Day? Here are the top five ways to celebrate from the comfort of your own home.  

Whether you are a mom trying to create fun crafts for the kiddos, or a young couple looking for some boozy options, you can still create a traditional Irish experience with your loved ones that doesn’t require much social interaction at all. Here are the best five ways to celebrate with your loved ones this St. Patrick’s Day.  

1. Parents — At home crafts can teach kids creativity while opening their minds to what the holiday stands for. Creating Fruit Loop rainbows, or cutting out Shamrock shapes is a great way to get their creative juices flowing. If you don’t have Fruit Loops; crayons or markers will work just fine. Cotton balls make for nice clouds and green grass from outdoors can be used inside the shamrocks. Women’s Daily lists 35 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts to Make with Your Little Leprechauns.  

2. Green Beer is a must.  

You don’t have to go to McGuire’s to enjoy a nice green cold one this St. Patty’s Day when it’s easy to make your own. gives you the step by step recipe on how to make your own green beer that tastes just like the real deal.

3. Bake Sheppard’s Pie 

Sheppard’s Pie is cheesy, hearty, and easy to create from the comfort of your own kitchen. You don’t need more than a few potatoes, shredded cheese, canned veggies, and ground beef to get a delicious potato pie. It the perfect dish to satisfy your Irish taste buds this St. Patrick’s Day and it’s super easy. Check out this recipe on Delish, or create your own.  

4. Stream an Irish inspired flick.  

Remember that Jennifer Aniston movie where she gets chased by a leprechaun? Or there’s gangster flick starring Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio. The biggest names in the biz have acted in some classic Irish films and has you covered. Check out their list of the 15 Best Movies to Watch for St. Patrick’s Day. 

5. Learn an Irish Jig

While being sequestered to your house might make you feel lazy, it’s best to keep the blood pumping as much as possible. Dancing is not only fun, it’s challenging, and it’s great exercise. Learning an Irish Jig might be something fun the entire family can do together — even for grandma. This YouTube video for beginners is a great place to start.

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