What could’ve been a love connection, ended in violence after the use of dating app landed five people in jail. 

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office responded to a home located on Orlando Avenue Wednesday after calls of a home invasion.

“The victim told us that he was playing video games at his home, and all of a sudden three guys bust in and beat him up, and he doesn’t know why, he has no idea,” said Ruth Corley, Bay County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer.

After talking with the deputies, the victim gave them a name of someone who might have for answers for them. 

Corley said, “Some activity through Tinder through the victim by the name of Kaitlin Mansini.”

Deputies say Mansini introduced the victim to 42-year-old Jessica Bautista, who then met the victim to buy marijuana.

“Bautista purchased an ounce of marijuana, got home determined that she had been shorted. She was very angry and that’s when she decided she was going to use Ms. Mansini’s van to go with her son and two of his friends to conduct the home invasion robbery.”

After further investigation, Bautista’s son, 18-year-old Antonio, 21-year-old Keon McNeil and 19-year-old O’Shea Williams were arrested for home invasion robbery. Kaitlin Mansini was arrested for principle to home invasion. Jessica Bautista, however, Corley says will face more charges. 

“We then executed a search warrant in her home, we found cocaine, we found meth, also heroin. Enough quantities of each to charge her with intent to distribute.”

Deputies say a backpack containing an unknown amount of cash, a glass jar, and marijuana belonging to the victim was also found in the home.

All five suspects appeared in court on Thursday, February 14, 2019. 

Mansini has since been released on bond. Bautista, A. Bautista, McNeil and Williams are still being held in the Bay County Jail.