First SandJam Festival Brings More Than 20,000 to PCB


The first ever SandJam music festival has come and gone, and the producers are thrilled with the outcome.

Sand Jam’s Executive Producer, Rendy Lovelady, said in three days more than 20,000 people visited M.B. Miller County Pier for the concerts.

The music festival featured dozens of top rock and alternative artists and sold tickets in nearly 40 states, but Lovelady said it all paid off on the last night.
“You put so much work into something, and you always hear the phrase ‘if you build it they’ll come,’ but it’s not that simple. You wonder if they’ll come, and when the line of people came in Saturday night and it was backed up to down the street, it was just amazing,” he said.

And Lovelady said SandJam is not stopping here.

“Did we make all the money we wanted to? No. But did we prepare to make this a three or four year event to build it like Gulf Coast Jam — listen the first year of Gulf Coast Jam, the first three years we did Gulf Coast Jam we lost money, but you build it to a place where people know it’s here, they’re coming,” he said.

But right now, Sand Jam staff said their top priority is making sure the pier is returned back to the condition it was when they got there.

“Without question, putting stuff on the sand is an enormous undertaking,” Lovelady said. “It is probably an eight day job just to set it up and take it down.”

He said the staff has spent the last two days removing the dura-deck from the sand and cleaning up any trash.
“Everything is back to normal and the beach is open, still have a few tents to take down and few generators to put up, but for the most part, the County Pier is back in business,” he said.

Lovelady said he anticipates the SandJam crew to be finished on Tuesday.

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