First Lawsuit Filed in Eastpoint Fire

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Eastpoint, Fla. - The first lawsuit in the Eastpoint Fire was filed Thursday in Leon County Circuit Court. 

Natasha and Phillip Vinson are suing Wildlands Service Inc. over the blaze saying the company was in charge of controlled burn but abandoned it before it was completely extinguished. The fire then burned out of control destroying 36 homes including one owned by the Vinsons. 

"Wildlands Service, is strictly liable for the damages suffered by the Plaintiffs," Steven Andrews, the attorney for the plaintiffs wrote in the complaint affidavit. "Defendant, Wildlands Service, knew of the foreseeable risks of harm posed by the controlled burn and could have reasonably taken precautions to eliminate the risks of the controlled burn."

The Vinsons, who rented out the property, are seeking damages and lost earnings in the case.  



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