PANAMA CITY, Fla. —- The path of recovery and how best to use hurricane funds discussed this morning at the monthly meeting of the Bay County Chamber of Commerce. Florida’s Chief Financial Officer also in attendance.

First friday is held by the Bay County Chamber of Commerce they had multiple speakers, including CFO Jimmy Patronis, he touched on multiple subjects such as hurricane funding, lost medals, and financial classes for high school students.

On the Florida State Panama City Campus in the Holley Academic Center the morale was high as talk centered on storm recovery.

With 243 jobs being created and 220 million dollars coming from the legislature, Chairman of the Bay County Chamber of Commerce, Will Cramer says Florida will be back on their feet soon enough.

I think we just go up from here, I think there’s a lot of progress. Each day you see less debris and more construction. said Cramer.

There was also talk of expense checks to help firefighters. 25 thousand dollar checks are a new initiative being introduced for firefighters affected by different types of cancer.

Another program is being brought in for students to teach managing their finances. Classes are being started learn financial literacy in schools.

Money from the Florida legislature will help to build affordable housing for displaced citizens, as well as rebuild educational facilities and roadways. Florida CFO Patronis says this money is needed desperately.

This was a piece of legislation, that we wanted to bring everybody together for. said Patronis.

The next Chamber of Commerce meeting will take place on July 12th since the first friday of next month is the July 4th holiday.