It’s time for another edition of open for biz.

This weeks segment, sponsored by GED Lawyers. Chris Marchand focuses on Firehouse Subs on 23rd street.

Firehouse Subs to be exact. Firehouse located in the Publics shopping center on 23rd street, had part of there roof ripped open exposing the store to the elements. It took almost a year to get the remodeling of the store complete. Franchisee Ken Stange said, fans of firehouse subs were able to get some of their favorite sub at one of their other locations.

“Well we have two other stores in the community so we have a store on beck beach and a store in Lynn Haven and both of those stores did not sustain anywhere near as damages the store so a lot of our customers we’re going to those locations and ask when you get open, but since we’ve opened we have had a ton of support from the community a lot of people real excited we’re back open are able to come back to firehouse up on 23rd st. get back to their normal routine so to speak we have a lot of regulars that come in here so it’s been nice to see them”

Firehouse Subs is open at 10:30 everyday.

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