A 10 million dollar check from the Federal Government was presented to the Port of Panama City, the purpose of this check is for Port terminal expansion, which will help create a new bulk storage facility.

With the Port still working to recover completely from Hurricane Michael the money is a great step forward.

Expansion mode is in the works as the Port of Panama City continues the process of recovery. 

There next step is a dome for wood pellet storage as their previous storage facility was damaged by the storm.

The state also made a contribution of 2.7 million. The projected total for the building will cost 13 or 14 million dollars. Florida Senator George Gainer said this is a step in the right direction.

“The big thing thing I got from today’s meeting is that we’re coming back, we’ve all said here Bay County’s resilient…” said Gainer.

Executive Director of the Port Authority, Wayne Stubbs says this was a much needed expansion.

“Now we’re handling more like 750 thousand tons a year. Iit has the potential to grow even more. We don’t have enough storage to keep up with that pace, so storage is pretty tight.” said Stubbs.

With an environmental benefit these wood pellets are energy efficient and an inexpensive source of energy…a process recognized by Washington D.C.

“So this is very exciting because this is kind of a new form of technology, developing a form of energy which is renewable, by way of using trees, using pines and hardwoods and things and generating energy. Then replacing them by replanting those trees one again.” said John Fleming, assistant secretary of economic development.

The projected finish date for this new storage facility will be the end of 2020.