FDOT needs funding for part of the SR-390 project


BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — If you travel along State Road 390 you will notice road closure signs all the way from 23rd Street to State Road 77.

The Florida Department of Transportation is working to widen the roadway from two to six lanes. 

FDOT Spokesperson Ian Satter said they broke the project up into three segments.

Beginning with Baldwin to Jenks, which will wrap up near the end of 2021. Then Jenks to Highway 77.

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Satter said they finished road studies for widening 390 from State Road 77 to US 231 just last year. But that segment is not currently funded.

“Indications show that the road does need to be widened from 2 to 6 lanes,” Satter said. “So we have completed that study so the next phases are to acquire funding for design construction. Currently, those are not funded at this time.”

Satter said FDOT has many projects underway in Bay County. But when it comes to the SR 390 project, they work directly with the Bay County Transportation Planning Organization. 

“We fund our projects in segments, one because it is easier to acquire funding to begin those projects,” Satter said. “Once you can get one segment started, it is easier to acquire funding to complete the other ones. We began in 2017. We started again one year later for the second segment than in 2019 we began the final segment.” 

The Bay TPO provides a list of projects showing funding priority. From there, FDOT tries to match funding but he said they cannot fund every project at once as some take priority.

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