It’s been a tough season for those suffering from the flu and even though it is February, the virus  is still going around.

“We are still seeing flu cases, but we are trying to get that prevention message out there for people to stay home when you’re sick,” said Alice Pate, Director of Nursing.

That’s why the Florida Department of Health visited the four and five year old classes at Kiddie Campus in Marianna, Wednesday.

Director of nursing, Alice Pate, explained to the students what the flu is, how it is transmitted, and how they can prevent getting, or spreading the virus.

Pate said it is important to start young.

“If we can teach them healthy habits at a young age, we can prevent so much illness transmission. Not only the flu but other illnesses,” said Pate.

Along with flu prevention, the children also learned the importance of healthy eating. 

“You’re eating habits play into your wellness. So proper eating habits can also prevent the flu,” Pate said.

Though the students might not fully understand what the flu is, they they learned a simple, fun way to stay healthy.

Like, hand washing for the amount of time it takes to sing ‘happy birthday’, and cover your cough with your elbow like a vampire.

“They were very informative, they kept the children very engaged through the whole program and I can’t thank them enough for coming out,” said Kiddie Campus owner, Judy Jeter.

The Florida Department of Health sent packets home to parents with the same information that was taught to the students, to practice healthy living at home.