Family sets up donation drop off point in Mexico Beach

A South Georgia family has set up a donation drop off point at the entrance of Mexico Beach where they are offering supplies, hot meals and more. 

Rebecca says Mexico Beach is the family's "home away from home."

When the family saw the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael, they loaded up their truck at Sam's Club and drove down to Mexico Beach with food and supplies.

"We thought it was the least we could do," says Rebecca. "Give back and help others."

As soon as the family set up their donation point, donations came pouring in.

She says the support of the surrounding community has been heartwarming. 

"Driving down 15th, turning on 98, that was tearful," says Rebecca. "But this is happy tears, watching people join us in helping other people."

She says many people want to help, but they do not know where to get started. 

Rebecca says the family's Mexico Beach home has sustained significant damage on the inside. She says repairing this damage could take months. 

"It'll be years, actually, for the whole city," she says. 

Rebecca says they will continue to accept any donations including water, pet food, baby food, feminine-hygiene products, and pre-made kits filled with basic necessities. 

"I personally feel like this is what we were created to do," says Rebecca. "God created us to take care of other people and serve other people. Take care of other people then take care of ourselves."

Rebecca says "anybody who is in need of anything" is welcome to come and get a hot meal and pick up supplies. 

The family's drop off point will be accepting ice. The Emergency Operations Center is also in need of ice to help to keep medical supplies, like insulin, cold. 

Rebecca's family is just one of the many groups from across the region who came to Mexico Beach to lend a hand. 

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