Family Pulls Child Out of Local School with Concerns for Medical Safety on Campus


The changes to the way Bay District Schools is handling its health care has caused one local family to pull their child out of school.

The district ended their contract with the Florida Department of Health, and is now partnering with PanCare, a private company, for the new school year.

Terri Storm has a nine-year-old grandson diagnosed with type one diabetes, Crohn’s disease and PTSD.

She said when she registered him at Breakfast Point Academy, she wanted them to be aware of his individual education program and health program.

“I sent all the paperwork in, did all the registration, requested meetings with the health folks, with the guidance counselor, special ed,” she said.

But Storm said she never heard back, and when she brought her grandson to the first day of school, she ran into some serious problems.

“The health professional had not been trained, the classes were the day before and she did not attend. This person didn’t even know how to prick his finger,” she said.

Bay District School Officials, however, said they do have staff on site that are trained, and nurses that are immediately dispatched to provide additional training for staff if necessary.

But Storm said the staff at Breakfast Point Academy told her differently.

“They just said that the person had not been trained and that they wanted either myself or my daughter-in-law to be at the school to supervise,” she said.

In a statement released by the school district, they said they could not provide medical help to her grandson because their transfer plan presented was not valid because it was missing paperwork.

“My response was ‘well this is the first I’ve heard of this, everyone I’ve spoken to thus far, including PanCare corporate office said they have the necessary paperwork’,” Storm said.

Storm said she also sent the paperwork again from her grandson’s doctor to the school on Friday, but has yet to hear anything back.

According to the district, the staff is trained and the student is welcome to return to school with either a valid medical plan or a parent who can provide the needed services while the parent/guardian secures the needed paperwork. 

Bay District Schools released this full statement:
We place a high priority on meeting the medical needs of all our students.  When enrolling a new student who has an existing medical plan we ensure that staff on site is trained and ready to assist as needed.  Nurses are immediately dispatched to provide additional training for staff if necessary.  Unfortunately, in rare instances, parents or guardians try to enroll students with expired medical plans or expired physician’s orders. Florida Statute does not allow us to provide medical services until the documentation is updated and valid.”

When presented with out-of-date transfer plans, and in this case one that was missing pages, we make every attempt possible to secure a valid one from parents or guardians and/or the previous school. In this situation, the transfer plan presented was not valid and was missing pages.  We cannot work from a plan that is missing pages, invalid or out of date. The child, in these rare situations, is always welcome at school but the parent must provide the medical services needed while the parents or guardians secure the correct, up-to-date paperwork.
Again, being able to provide the necessary medical services for all of our students is very important to us but the law requires us to have, in our possession, valid medical orders/plans in order to be able to do that.”

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