ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — On Tuesday, we are learning more about a 15-year-old that shot and killed in downtown Enterprise last week.

The ninth-grader was considered one of the top high school athletes in the country, and both his family and the community are shocked over the loss of such a promising young man.

On Tuesday morning, a memorial service was held for the students and faculty at Enterprise High School for the loved student, Myquell Smith.

Last Wednesday night, the 15-year-old was tragically shot, while as a passenger in a car, near downtown Enterprise. Deandre Flowers, 28, of Enterprise has been charged with murder for the fatal shooting.

Local authorities have released few details concerning the case.

Myquell’s father, Michael Smith, told WDHN News that his son was well loved by everyone who met him. For the family, the tragedy is difficult to put into words.

“Man, you always hear about kids having to bury their parents, this hits differently because you really don’t prepare for this. To bury your child, especially your baby, this will take awhile to heal from,” Myquell’s father, Michael said.

The head football coach at Coppinville Junior High School, told WDHN News that Myquell was probably the best football player he had ever coached.

Myquell’s teachers say the ninth-grader was a top student and quickly becoming one of the top athletes statewide as a ninth-grader. He recently took top honors in the 100-Meter dash in the National Junior Olympics in Jacksonville, Florida.

“And that was the great thing he provided for them, Coppinville Jr. High School coach, Joel Kirkland said. “He was a great friend and I think that’s what they’ll be able to gather together again and celebrate his memory and try to move past this tragedy.”

“Just to know that he touched so many hearts before this incident, Myquell’s father, Michael said. “It brings so much remorse and happiness that he brought before this incident, but still it will never replace Myquell.”

At noon Saturday, Myquell Smith’s funeral will take place at the Daleville Christian Fellowship. The viewing will take place at the church from 10 a.m. in the morning till noon prior to the service.