Exclusive Interview With Pam Bondi


For the last seven years, Pam Bondi has been Florida’s Attorney General. With only one year left on her term, she has been tapped by President Trump to fight drug abuse on a national level. The Centers for Disease Control said Opioid Abuse is an epidemic. Governor Rick Scott recently signed a public health emergency. In an exclusive News13 interview, Pam Bondi says Opioid abuse is at epidemic levels, and everyone should be concerned. “It’s a national epidemic and it truely affects everyone, and parents need to really warn their kids, their teens, adults need to know, never take a pill from someone you don’t know, even if they say it is a Tylenol, an Advil or an Aspirin, Bondi warns, “don’t take anything from someone who you don’t know”. Bondi said drug dealers are putting heroin and fentanyl in pills, and selling on the street to college students, who think they are buying something else. “We had five people drop dead in three days in Pinellas county”, Bondi said. Florida also fights the Human Trafficking trade. Bondi says you can help by being aware. “We have a web site and it is called, www.YouCanStopHT.com and it’s the signs of what to look for in human trafficking” Bondi said. General Bondi likened Human Trafficking to modern day slavery, kidnapping of children, teens and young adults. She works with a Human Trafficking Counsel to help put those who abuse others for drugs or sex or work, behind bars. The state also has started to process, old, unprocessed rape kits. “I am so proud of the FDLE, Bondi said, they have done such a good job and they are ahead of schedule, thanks to our legislature and our governor, we have the funding so they can process all these rape kits”. Bondi has also been called a “rising star” in the Republican party. President Trump has invited her to sit on a National Opioid Drug Task Commission. When asked about her relationship with the President, she says he is a dear friend, who just happens to be President. “I think he is doing an incredible job and I am very proud and humbled that he is my friend, I adore his family and I just think they are great people, Bondi said, and I think our country is gonna be in very good hands, it already is”. Bondi’s term as Florida Attorney General will end next year, as she will be termed out. When asked if she will run for another elected office, she says the answer is no. “I have always said that Attorney General is it for me, I was a career prosecutor, I had never run for office and I said two terms as attorney general and I’ll never run for office again, Bondi said, “They say never say never, but I’m still sticking to that”.

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