Exclusive dashcam footage from Bay County Sheriff’s Office chase from June 14


BAY COUNTY Fla. — Bay County Sheriff’s Office conducted a chase on June 14, which resulted in damage to the side of Bruster’s Ice Cream on Thomas Drive.

The full video from the chase is below, explicit language is used.

“Approximately three days we were looking for this vehicle that was involved in an armed carjacking and home invasion from Georgia, and it was a stolen vehicle,” said Deputy Alex Young a Bay County Sheriff’s Office Deputy.

Deputy Young noticed the stolen Georgia license plate at 11:40 p.m. on June 14, on Front Beach Road, in Panama City Beach.

He and other deputies attempted to block in the vehicle and make an arrest, but that is not what happened.

“As soon as he saw us pull into the parking lot, his vehicle was already in drive,” said Deputy Young.

As Deputy Young took primary in the pursuit, he chased the stolen vehicle at approximately 114 mph, that is until the vehicle lost control on Thomas Drive.

“At which point in time, I really did not know what to think, until the vehicle traveled off the roadway towards Bruster’s Ice Cream Shop,” said Deputy Young.

The suspect then hit a grass barrier and went airborne.

“I estimated the heighth of the vehicle to be about 50 feet,” Deputy Young said.

The vehicle hit the ground and rolled multiple times into Bruster’s Ice Cream Shop while starting to smoke and catch fire. 

“So the fire was still on and off, I believe, whether it was going to ignite or not ignite,” said Deputy Young. “But the suspect would not get out of the vehicle.”

Deputy Young started to give loud verbal commands for the suspect to exit the vehicle, which he did not.

“He told me no, he tried to tell me to kill him, which I was not going to do unless he was a threat,” Deputy Young said. “Once he saw that the vehicle was on fire, he continued to say let me burn.”

Initially, when the vehicle flipped, Deputy Young expected a fatality. That is until they flipped the vehicle over.

“I approached the vehicle and was screaming loud verbal commands, I was happy and relieved that I had actually gotten a response,” Deputy Young said.

It was at that point the deputies identified Devante Sanders and made an arrest.

According to reports, Sanders was slightly injured but it is not known if it was from the crash.

Deputy Young said, because it was so late at night there were empty roads to conduct a safe chase that did not result in any fatalities.

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