Emergency Operations in Bay County Prepares for Michael


Tropical Storm Michael is expected to make landfall in north Florida sometime on Oct. 10, 2018. With this storm threatening the gulf coast, are you prepared? 

The Bay County Emergency Operations Center is not wasting any time getting prepared. 
Joby Smith, Emergency Management Division Chief, explains what they have done so far. “Right now we are participating in the conference calls with the state of Florida and the national weather service. And we’re pretty much just like everyone else- we’re waiting to see exactly what it’s going to do once it gets a little better um, developed.”

It is recommended that everyone in the panhandle prepare for the storm. Make sure you have a safety kit full of water, batteries, and canned food. “We’re also asking that people register for ‘alert bay’ any critical messaging that we put out would be sent over that platform and that is alertbay.org,” said Smith.

When the storm makes landfall some people may want to protect their home with sand bags or board their windows with plywood. Dwight Lisenbee, a Home Depot associate has helpful tips about boarding windows, “Just get at least a half inch so that it will protect against flying projectiles.” When securing the plywood to your home or business, use clips. “Clips is better than nails or screws cause it won’t damage your house,” said Lisenbee. 

When preparing for significant storm damage remember, wind is your concern on the outside and water is your concern on the inside. But more importantly, take care of yourself and your family. 

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