PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — The FAA is sending $10.5 million to Bay County for Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport to improve and expand their facilities.

Director of ECP Airport, Parker McClellan said this multi-year grant will be used in a variety of ways to expand the terminal and add a new ramp and larger taxiway.

“We’re doing a lot of things trying to move forward, and make the airport grow and make the community grow and give them some economic incentives to come out here and potentially build things near the airport out here,” said McClellan.

Airport leaders hope these incentives will pay off.

“This will allow people to see there’s a ramp there and that they can add on to that ramp. We think that will be an opportunity for people to visualize what that might look like if they were to move their MRO type business to the airport,” said McClellan.

The money will allow the airport to grow and keep up with the expanding population.

“Two additional gates at the end of the building so that we’ll have a larger area in order to accommodate the demand for their growing airlines,” said McClellan.

This gives ECP the chance to provide exceptional service.

“I think this provides an opportunity for additional air service and for us to be able to fine-tune the service we have today while we have our existing servers and allow them to enhance their services to be better for the community,” said McClellan.