DuPont Bridge to be replaced in estimated $182 million project


BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The DuPont Bridge, which connects Tyndall Air Force base and the city of Parker, is getting a makeover.

Almost $200 million is being put into the large-scale project to build a brand new bridge from the ground up.

“That is a bridge that has to be replaced, so you’re gonna see a significant amount of money being set aside,” Director of Public Information for the Florida Department of Transportation Ian Satter said.

Satter said the DuPont Bridge is coming to the end of its lifespan.

“The bridge is safe, it’s structurally sound, however when you look at the cost-benefit-analysis of replacing the bridge versus maintaining the bridge, it’s a better investment to replace that bridge,” Satter said. “With new design standards and construction techniques, you have a bridge, once constructed, that will last 75-100 years.”

With new design standards in place comes a more modern, practical bridge for the area, according to Bay County Chief Infrastructure Officer Keith Bryant.

“The design’s being completed, it will go to construction in four years,” Bryant said. “It’s a bigger bridge, it’s going to be a little bit higher, it’s gonna have proper sidewalks and bike lanes, which is nice for the Airmen on base.”

And the total cost of the project?

“The cost for the DuPont Bridge to design and construct is roughly $182 million.”

The money will come from state funds specifically for bridge construction, according to Satter.

Bryant said the construction for the new bridge is scheduled to begin in 2025.

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