Drug Suspect Claims "Sovereign" Citizenship

Walton County, Fla. - A man with 110 Xanax bars, numerous oxycodone and hydrocodone pulls, two bags of powder cocaine and a loaded handgun in his car explained to a Walton County deputy that he didn't need a driver's license or tag because he was a "sovereign" citizen, deputies wrote in a news release. 


The incident happened Friday night at the intersection of West Violet Lane and Girl Scout Road.


The argument made by 23-year-old Dekian Clinch, that he had rejected federal law and taxation as illegitimate did not dissuade the deputy from moving forward with an arrest.  Deputies say Clinch began fighting with the deputy during the arrest. 


A good Samaritan spotted the fight and called 911. 


"He's fighting the deputy tooth and nail," she said. "They're in the middle of the road. 


Backup was sent to the scene but the deputy was able to get Clinch in custody before help arrived. 


Clinch is charged with possession with intent to sell, possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest, and drug paraphernalia.

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