Drivers Beware: Sheriff’s Office is Gearing Up to Crack Down on the Roads


We are getting closer to peak season every day and our roads are becoming more dangerous. A local Sheriff’s Office is putting safety first.  Deputies are cracking down. 

In just a few weeks, tourists will arrive for spring break and the number of vehicles that will be on highway 98 will drastically increase. In an abundance of caution, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office is going to crack down on traffic violations and strong enforce safety on the roads.

“The number one problem on Highway 98 is texting and driving; distracted driving within the car. Construction is an issue but, it really becomes an issue when you are playing on your phone,” explained Sheriff Michael Adkinson, Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

Along Highway 98 and U.S. 331, deputies are going to step up the enforcement and will be particularly looking for, aggressive driving, following too close and weaving in and out of traffic. 

“There is a way to predict the future,” Sheriff Adkinson said jokingly. “There is a magical device, and it’s called a blinker and it will tell you whether or not someone is actually going to change lanes and if you use that can actually make a difference.”

Texting while driving is known to cause wrecks and cost lives. Sheriff Adkinson says, he hopes the legislature will make texting while driving a primary stop, because it could make a big difference. 

“We cannot in law enforcement, stop someone just for texting while driving. That’s called, a secondary offense. So, I could stop you for not having a seat belt on but, I can’t stop you from looking down and doing that (Sheriff Adkinson acts like he is texting while driving),” said Sheriff Adkinson. 

Walton County Sheriff’s deputies say, remember to drive the speed limit, put your phone away and be alert at all times. 

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