Donor Life Jacket Station helps to prevent Adolescent Drowning

GULF COUNTY, Fla. - A classroom assignment has become a reality for three registered nurses in Wewahitchka. 

The goal was to create a project that improves health and safety of residents in the area. The three women are driven towards preventing adolescent drowning in Gulf County. 

"We created two stations here. This one is at Gaskin State Park and we also created one at the white city landing," said Registered Nurse, Ariel Kemp.
Three students at Gulf Coast State College were assigned a community assessment project. A project with a specific goal in mind. 
"We are minimizing the risk of drowning in our community, while at the same time, maximizing the safety with the use of these coast guard approved Life jackets," said Registered Nurse, Nicki Lanford. 
The life jacket donor station provides free life jackets to children. You simply grab a jacket before hitting the water, then return it once you're back on land. It's an idea that Nicki Lanford hopes will save lives. 

"We hope that even if one drowning was prevented in our area through the use of these life jacket donor stations, that it would have been well worth it," said Lanford. 

By partnering with others in the community, the three were able to build, fund and bring this idea to life. The station holds anywhere from 6 to 9 jackets. 

Florida currently leads the nation in child drowning's, a number residents want to desperately see decrease. 
"We want everyone to know that medical care goes well beyond what you see in the hospital and the doctor's office. Sometimes it is about promoting the community's safety," said Registered Nurse, Amy Miller. 

If anyone would like to donate life jackets to the station, you can contact Wewa search and rescue or Anchor HomeCare located off Highway 71. 

Anchor Home: 850-639-3333

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