Taking in neglected and abused animals is the basis of Alaqua Animal Refuge’s mission, but even the most tragic of cases can be difficult to stomach. One dog’s battle received a lot of attention online this past week.
“He’s everybody’s buddy,” said Jody Koch, Operations Manager at the Refuge.
Only a week ago, the dog was barely holding on to life. The pup was spotted by an employee of Alaqua while driving.
“She actually drove past him, and something told her to turn around and go back,” said Koch.
What she found was all skin and bones, barely able to stand. 
“She just burst into tears and loaded the little skeleton into her car and brought him directly here,” said Koch.
Now, the dog is rehabilitating with a name befitting – Barely.
“It’s because he was barely clinging to life on that roadside that day,” said Koch. “He’s the most forgiving animal I think I’ve ever met.”
Though he can’t walk for long times or distances, the short walks Barely does get are filled with love.
“They all have a story that unfortunately we’ll never know,” said Koch. “We’re lucky to have him.”
The Refuge currently is not accepting any applications for adopting Barely, but they hope to open up the process in the next few weeks. If you want to donate, you can visit alaquaanimalrefuge.org.